Nuclear Pharmacy Interview Series

The Nuclear Pharmacy Interview Series is a collection of videotaped conversations between Dr. Stanley Shaw and various nuclear pharmacy practitioners whom he has interacted with over the course of his career.  This is brought to you as part of the Nuclear Pharmacy History project, in which we are attempting to document the history of nuclear pharmacy via a look back at various events that occurred, as well as the recollections of practitioners who were involved throughout the process.  We hope to continue to add the voices of many more practitioners as time goes on so check back often!!

Recorded March, 2014 Recorded March, 2015 Recorded March, 2016

Robert Beightol

Ken Breslow

James Cooper

Edmund Fennell

Wendy Galbraith

George Hinkle

Richard Kowalsky

David Laven

Michael Mosley

Jeffrey Norenberg

Neil Petry

James Ponto

Laura Boles Ponto

Katherine Siefert

Danny Allen

Scott Brower

Jeff Clanton

Shane Cobb

Allegra DePietro

Fred Gattas

Nicki Hilliard

Brigette Nelson

Rich Nickel

Janet Robertson

Paul Sale

Duann Thistlethwaite

Kristina Wittstrom

Sam Augustine

Kenneth Cheng

Stephen Dragotakes

Richard Green

Scott Knishka

Vivian Loveless

Dao Le

Ashley Mishoe

Sally Schwarz

Rick Sheriff

Rene Tsang

John Zehner